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Production Engineering

Cycle Time Optimization

Within the devolpment of milling processes the customer most frequently lays emphasis on cycle time reduction. Therefore, SWSTech is continuously dealing with cycle time optimization issues and has already spent a lot of efforts into this topic in the past.

The optimization process can be divided into the following sub tasks:
  • Development of a suitable machining strategy
  • Definition of the degree of automation and of the auxiliary equipment needed
  • Definition of the clamping concept on the machine tool
  • Adjustment of the roughing process to the overall stability of the configuration
  • Optimization of material removal and idle runs during roughing (Vericut OptiPath®)
  • Development of a finishing strategy taking the geometry constraints into account; often 5-axis simultaneous milling strategies form part of the process
  • Selection or design of finish cutters
  • Programming of finish paths with smallest machine axis acceleration values, avoiding idle runs, and with reduction of axis compensation moves during 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Optimization of tool change sequence

A time optimization always requires a program testing and optimization run on the respective machine or a similar machine that the process is developed for. If such a machine should not be available in SWSTech it is possible to have the tests carried out on the customer's machine.

SWSTech provides a complete process documentation. SWSTech may demonstrate the final process on the customer machine on demand.