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Reverse Engineering

The generation of surfaces from coordinate measurement data can differ significantly. For best machining, surface entities have to be structured and generated in a way that they match with the machining strategy. E.g. smooth surfaces and short cycle times can be achieved by flank milling or by using form cutters. For this purpose a particular geometric construction of the surfaces - for example as ruled surfaces - or a particular geometric construction of their boundaries is necessary.

The re-engineering of surfaces is preceded by the measurement of the hardware. We can measure the part on the SWSTech coordinate measurement machine or have it measured externally by tactile, optical or tomographic methods.

The scanned points or point clouds are transformed by surface approximation into geometric entities that best fit the manufacturing requirements. We generate the entities needed for manufacturing, complete solid models, or derive the technical drawing according to the client's demands.

The re-engineering of geometric entities may also be of an advantage for existing CAD models. Most frequently the original surface entities in CAD models are trimmed or blended in such a way that a time-minimized machining is not possible. In this case existing geometric entities should be transformed into new elements that best fit the machining requirements.