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Production Engineering

NC-Programming / 5-Axis-Technology

The SWSTech-Team has a long standing experience in the field of NC-programming of 5-axis machines. Our expertise in milling covers the following:
  • Preparation of customer data for best use in the respective CAM system / Reverse Engineering
  • NC-programming with our CAM-Software
  • Programming of postprocessor software with machine controls specific and process specific features
  • Tool selection and tool optimization
  • Machining of various materials

We have profound user experience and know how of ConceptsNREC MAX-PAC software (impeller and blisk milling), UNIGRAPHICS® CAD/CAM (generic NC programming solutions) and CGTech VERICUT® (simulation and optimisation).

We emphasize on the use of 5-axis technology. This technology enables a free positioning of the tool in space by moving three linear axes and a free orientation of the tool towards the work piece by moving 2 rotational axes. This way, e.g. free form surfaces can be machined by driving all axes simultaneously. Alternatively, by changing fixed axis positions a multi side machining of complex parts is possible in only one fixture.

Apart from NC programming of parts, which are manufactured on the premises, we offer customers the NC programming service for use on their machines.

The NC-programming projects often have objectives beyond standard applications:
  • Time- or tool cost optimization
  • Initial programming of a customer part on a new machine or with a new CAM software (turnkey)
  • Introduction of new milling strategies into existing customer processes

SWSTech may offer to make a prototype for program testing and optimization as part of the project. The prototype manufacture takes place on SWSTech machines or on the customer's machine.

Furthermore, we offer consulting services for systems used by SWSTech and for process related inquiries. For the ConceptsNREC MAX-Software we are responsible for regional Sales (A, CH, D) and for the European Software-Support. We are an official reseller of CGTech Vericut®.