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Production Engineering

Impeller / Blisk

SWSTech has a team of experts in the field of impeller and blisk manufacturing. SWSTech is a manufacturer of a large variety of impellers. Apart from the machinery on the premises we offer a wide selection of services and expertise in the field of consulting and nc-programming:

  • Manufacturing of open impellers and blisks (bladed discs)
    • Flank milling of the blades (ruled surfaces)
    • Point milling of arbitrary surface blades
    • Access from the shroud or from inlet and outlet (side-entry-milling)
  • Manufacturing of shrouded impellers or blings (bladed rings):
    • Open milling and brazing
    • Open milling and welding
    • Integral milling from inlet and outlet
  • We develop the milling processes e.g. for the following materials
    • aluminum alloys
    • steel
    • stainless steel
    • titanium
    • nickel-/cobalt- base alloys
  • Based on the extended knowledge of tools and strategies we can carry out various optimizations
  • Furhtermore, we are using effective strategies
    • Tool and material dependent HSC-strategies
    • Plunging
    • Optimization of material removal
    • Special cutters

To be able to program with the best strategy, customer data are adapted to the process requirements if necessary.

We use ConceptsNREC MAX-PAC impeller milling software and CGTech Vericut® for simulation and optimization.
The SWSTech postprocessor translates the nc-data into machine-specific G-code.