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Precision Machinery

The SWSTech machine shop is under continuous development and construction. Today five 5-axis milling centers and one turning lathe machine are available:

  • Hermle C22U with counterholder
  • Hermle C22U RS05 with counterholder and robot handling system
  • Hermle C40U
  • Hermle C42U MT with integrated turning functionalit
  • DMG CTX-800 Beta linear

More information about the machines can be found under Machinery Park.

The machines are particularly configured for maximum accuracy and high dynamics. Manufacturing is carried out at almost constant temperature conditions or respectively in an air conditioned workshop.

Apart from the machining resources, process and application know how are most important for precision applications. Just to mention product specific fixture techniques, the right sequence of manufacturing steps, or implementing additional work piece treatments. For example stress relieve treatments are frequently necessary. Besides, dimension measurements might be necessary to allow for an adaptive finish machining. These in-process measurements will soon be possible on our in own 3D coordinate measurement machine.

This explains, that apart from the technical infrastructure, the manufacturing experience of the SWSTech team is a key factor for successful Precision Machinery. The involvement of all necessary competencies into our manufacturing processes and the close co-operation between engineering and workshop let us get the best results out of our machines.