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Software distribution

ConceptsNREC Representation

In cooperative Software distribution SWSTech takes over the representation of ConceptsNREC in Europe. A main job as representative is marketing and distribution of products and services of ConceptsNREC.

ConceptsNREC offers a complete package of software for development, design, and manufacturing of compressors and turbines. In the field of computer aided manufacturing SWSTech is also responsible for software training and support. Actually, this refers to the NC-software MAX-PAC with the modules:
  • MAX-5™
    NC-programming for milling of open impellers with ruled blade surfaces (flank milling)
  • MAX-AB™
    NC-programming for milling of open impellers with arbitrary blade surfaces (point milling)
  • MAX-SI™
    NC-programming for milling of shrouded impellers from an integral blank.

SWSTech's offer extend itself also for the existing MAX-PAC APS (Agile Product Support) contracts, that means, that SWSTech is your new engaged partner in respect of direct technical support and software upgrades in Europe.

Beyond our representation responsibility we can offer you:
  • specific client training
  • prototype programming
  • process optimization
  • consulting